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Handmade Goat Milk Soaps

Did you know most commercial 'soap' bars and body washes are actually full of detergents and harsh chemicals? A true soap is defined as being made from a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide. Many commercial products can't even label themselves as soap- hence beauty bar, scrub bar, etc. These harsh bars and washes strip your skin of natural oils, kill good bacteria, and leave chemicals behind. They are anything but good for your skin.


Real soap gets its lather and cleansing properties from natural oils. It also contains natural glycerin which acts as a humectant to hold moisture in the skin. While commercial products may be packed with synthetic vitamins and other things that claim to be nourishing- natural oils and butters are well, naturally nourishing! Goats milk is packed with skin nourishing vitamins and minerals. It is high in both alpha hydroxy and lactic acids - natural exfoliants which help to break down and shed dead skin cells. You will also find vitamins A, E, C, and B12. The high fat content in the milk conditions skin gently. It also contains niacin, magnesium, and selenium. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed and utilized than synthetics


My goats milk soap is made using the cold process method of saponification - oils and lye are heated and mixed together, saponification occurs and turns the mixture into soap. I soap at low temperatures to preserve the integrity and benefits of the milk and other ingredients. I use goat milk from our lovely dairy herd and tallow that is rendered from animals we harvest. All soaps are made in small batches, hand poured, and hand cut. Bars are cured for a minimum of six weeks before being wrapped and sold.


Make the switch to goats milk soaps - you will love the difference! 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of tallow, lard, shea butter; goat milk
Soaps may contain additives such as herbs, clays, essential oils etc


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