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Sales Policy

This sales policy applies to all animals purchased from Black Lotus Homestead.

By purchasing any animal you are agreeing to the terms on this page!




You are responsible for the well being of the animals once they enter your care. It is your responsibility to check the animals thoroughly before purchase. Please know, I am happy to provide support and will answer any questions I can. However please do not forgo veterinary advice and care if you think an animal needs it! Once it leaves my property it is no longer my responsibility. PLEASE do your research and know how to properly care for it.


A deposit of 50% of the purchase price will hold the animal of your choice for ten days, with the remaining balance due upon pickup. Arrangements must be made to pick up within ten days. Pickup must be on farm unless otherwise agreed upon. If you fail to pick up, your deposit is forfeit and I retain ownership of the animals. No animal will leave the property without being paid for in full.


Deposits are non refundable UNLESS the animal were to get sick or die while under my care. If you choose to back out of a sale for any reason, fail to pick up, or fail to pay- you forfeit your deposit and I retain ownership of the animals. 


I am unable to guarantee the health of any animal after it leaves my care. As soon as the animal enters your possession it becomes your responsibility. Improper care and feeding, as well as stress from transportation and a new environment, can bring an animal down quickly. I offer NO HEALTH GUARANTEES. 

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