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What Is In Our Skincare Products And Why!


I make every single one of our products myself, at home in small batches and from scratch. I worked hard for several years to formulate my recipes and I am very happy with what I have accomplished. I create natural soaps, lotions, and salves that work and nourish the skin without any nasty chemicals! The following is a detailed list of the ingredients that I use as well as a list of things we avoid and why.  

Goats Milk
Goats milk is packed with skin nourishing vitamins and minerals. It is high in both alpha hydroxy and lactic acids - natural exfoliants which help to break down and shed dead skin cells. You will also find vitamins A, E, C, and B12. The high fat content in the milk conditions skin gently. It also contains niacin, magnesium, and selenium. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed and utilized than synthetics

Tallow is rendered fat from animals- in our case mostly deer, goats, and cows. Tallow is actually an intensive moisturizer, is non-greasy, and does not clog pores. Tallow contains nutrients for skin that encourage the production of collagen and healthy skin cells. Tallow is a main ingredients in our soaps and magnesium cream.  

Coconut/Sunflower/Olive Oil
This is the oil blend used for making our soaps.  This blend has provided a hard bar with good cleansing and conditioning properties. Coconut oil contains many antioxidants and vitamin e. Sunflower oil is full of vitamin e and it also helps skin to retain moisture due to high levels of linoleic acid. Olive oil is filled with healthy fats and vitamins and is known to improve signs of aging. 

Coconut/Hemp Seed/Avocado Oil
This is the oil blend used for making our lotions. Coconut is known to be a powerhouse of antioxidants and is very moisturizing. Hemp seed oil helps strengthen skin, preserve moisture, and helps with skin firmness . Avocado oil helps to protect from UV rays and helps relieve inflammation. 


Shea Butter

Shea butter is well known as an anti-inflammatory and to possess healing properties. It can help with discoloration, softens and smooths skin, and is extremely nourishing as it contains many fatty acids and vitamins.

Beeswax creates a protective layer on the skin and is a natural humectant. It helps to slough away dead skin cells and lock in moisture. It also creates the perfect base for my herbal salves because it sets up well but melts on contact with your skin for an easily applied salve. 

Lye is also known as sodium hydroxide. Lye is the driving force behind saponification! There is absolutely no soap without lye. Never be afraid of true lye soap, after the saponification process the lye has been neutralized and does not remain active in the finished soap. 

While we previously used Optiphen plus, we have now switched over to using Geoguard as a preservative in our lotions and creams. This is an all natural and effective preservative. 



Now, those are most of the natural ingredients that make our products wonderful... but there are a lot of nasty things that you should avoid! The following are things often found in commercial beauty products that are damaging to your skin and overall health. All of our products are free from these chemicals. 

I use GMO free oils in all of my products! GMO oils such as soybean, corn, and canola are very common in soaps and other body products.  

All three of these are common ingredients in body products. Dyes are used for color which is not only unnecessary but chemical dyes can be irritating to the skin. I know fancy colored soaps are pretty, but they don't clean any better for it! Our soaps are colored with natural additives like turmeric, cocoa powder, etc. You will also never find detergents in our products, the main 'cleaning' force in commercial bath and body products. These chemical cleaners may strip dirt away but they are damaging and drying to the skin. Natural soaps not only clean but help to heal and lock in moisture. Alcohol is a common filler ingredient and it is extremely drying to the skin. 

Phthalates & Parabens
Research has shown that these contribute to a host of problems such as cancer and hormone imbalance. Parabens have been proven to build up in the body. They mimic the effect of estrogen and thus can cause problems over time as concentration builds. Both phthalates and parabens are common chemicals that you should avoid. 

Premade Bases/Melt and Pour
We NEVER use premade bases or melt and pour! Many crafters use these bases to avoid the extra work of mixing products from scratch, however the vast majority of these bases contain chemicals and extra ingredients and are not all natural. I use my own recipes and always trusted ingredients to create my soaps and other products. 

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