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Goats Milk & Herbs

Simple. Natural. Superior.

I started making milk soaps and lotion just for family and friends, but it has blossomed into so much more. We firmly believe that natural skincare is far superior to the chemical laden products commonly available. Nothing beats the natural ingredients supplied to us by Mother Earth. My products are simply made with natural ingredients for superior skin nourishing benefits. Everything that I make and sell is used by my family and I am proud to share my work with others.

What's wrong with commercial products?

CHEMICALS. Stop putting chemicals on your skin! Did you know that your skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals that make contact? These can make their way into your bloodstream and lymphatic system where they build up over time. Commercial products are full of harsh and toxic chemicals. The two most common are parabens and phthalates. My products are free from both of these. 

Why goat milk?
Goat milk is a wonderful additive to skincare products such as soaps and lotion. It contains lactic acid, fatty acids, probiotics, and vitamin e- all of which nourish and repair skin. Goats milk makes a soap bar that is gentle for all skin types as it soothes and moisturizes skin. Many of my customers report relief from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Why does it cost more, it's just soap?
My products do cost more than those you will find on store shelves and there is a reason for that. All of my products are 100% handcrafted in small batches here at home. I never use premade bases or melt and pour. I have worked hard to develop my own recipes and I source the best quality ingredients for my products that I can.


You are paying for real wholesome and natural ingredients, my time handcrafting, and for the benefit to your skin and health. You are also supporting a small business and helping a family. (Not to mention supporting the hardworking girls that provide the milk!)

We appreciate all of our customers! 

Where do your ingredients come from?
Most herbs are gathered from our own property and then dried to use in soaps, oil infusions, and tinctures. What I cannot source locally I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs or Living Earth Herbs. Oils and butters are purchased from Essential Depot.

What about fragrance and coloring?

Soaps and lotions are most often scented with essential oils, natural fragrance oils, and natural additives. Fragrance oils used are always paraben and phthalate free. Coloring is done using natural colorants like charcoal, ground herbs or spices, and root powders.


Do you take custom orders?
I do custom orders. You must purchase the entire loaf, eight bars, and prepayment is required. Custom loaves can be cut into regular size bars or guest size bars to use as favors at parties or weddings. Custom soaps are not limited to what I have on hand- I can use your favorite fragrance, special oil infusions, and even breastmilk. Contact me to discuss what you want, I am happy to help! 

What else do you sell?

You can also find herbal salves in the product lineup. Pure natural goodness to help ease a multitude of symptoms. Salves are hand poured and are made seasonally with select herbals and essential oils. Herbs are gathered and dried, sun infused into oil and strained, then blended into a beeswax base. 

We also sell fresh eggs, raw milk, and bunny berry fertilizer. I occasionally have pelts and skulls available, either raw or cleaned. I offer several services such as goat hoof trimming, disbudding, and banding. 

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