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Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

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"All good things are wild and free.”
- Henry David Thoreau


How can I help?

If you are interested in helping then look into volunteering at your closest rehabilitation facility or support your local rehabilitators with donations of funding or supplies. This is strictly a volunteer position and the state provides no assistance or funding for the work that we do. Orphaned and injured wildlife often require vet care, medications, feed, housing and cleaning supplies. It is not a cheap process to correctly raise these babies! 

We always appreciate any donations to the animals in our care. Cash, checks, and PayPal are accepted. Gift cards for Tractor Supply, Atwoods, our local feed store, etc are welcome. The following is a list of commonly used items if you would rather shop directly. 


  • unfrayed towels, blankets

  • crate mats, washable pet beds

  • puppy pads

  • chew proof food and water dishes

  • cages, portable kennels, chain link panels

  • syringes, needles, gauze, vet wrap etc

  • antibiotic creams and sprays, iodine, etc

  • cleaning and laundry supplies;
    dish soap, lysol, bleach, trash bags, paper towels etc

  • corn, oats, alfalfa pellets, hay

  • raw meat, can be freezer burnt, no pork please

  • dry dog or cat kibble, canned foods

  • baby foods and baby cereals

  • fresh fruits and vegetables

  • bird seed mixes, sunflower seeds, nuts, trail mix, raisins

  • straw or cedar chips

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