Black Lotus

ADGA Dairy Goats &
Natural Skincare Products


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We are a small family homestead in the Sans Bois mountain area of southeastern Oklahoma, just minutes from Robbers Cave State Park. We raise Nubians under the herd name Black-Lotus. Our goats are the pride and joy of our farm, though we do also raise rabbits and poultry. We also sell handcrafted natural skincare products and other items. Here you will find information on our animals and products. May you have a blessed and positive journey!

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Event Schedule 2022

Wilburton Farmers Market @ Wilburton, OK
Fridays 9am - 1pm

April - October


Round Up Rodeo @ Wilburton, OK
June 17, 18

Tractor Show @ Wilburton, OK
June 25

Robbers Cave Fall Festival @ Wilburton, OK
October 14-16

Craft Fair @ Wilburton, OK
November 26th

Craft Show @ Red Oak, OK
December 3

Poinsettia Festival @ Wilburton, OK
December 9, 10


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