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Wildlife Rescue

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"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”
- Albert Einstein


I am a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Our main focus is whitetail fawns- they thrive on our goats milk and we have an excellent self-release location. The fawns are raised here and gradually acclimate themselves into the wild herd so there is no stressful capture and transport for release. We have also successfully rescued and released several yearling and adult deer. I do also intake other mammals; opossums, raccoons, bobcat, fox, etc I do not work with birds, reptiles, or amphibians but I am happy to connect you with a rehabilitator who does!  

Fawns, and many other baby animals, are seen as adorable and people often think they can make good pets of them. Many wild animals have specific dietary needs, as well as instincts and unsavory behaviors that will develop as the animal matures. If you absolutely must have an exotic pet then be responsible and do thorough research, acquire the correct permits, and buy from a licensed breeder. 


What do I do if I find an injured or orphaned animal?
Safely and carefully contain the animal in a box, crate, or tub. Cover with a towel or sheet to provide the animal a dark and quiet place. Avoid cuddling and handling the animal. Do not feed it, lukewarm water is acceptable. Get it to a rehabber asap! If you can not safely catch or contain the animal, contact your rehabber and provide the specific location. 

Why shouldn't I feed it?
Many wild animals have specific dietary needs and can easily be made sick. Babies that are not maintaining their own body temperature can not digest any food, so it is critical not to feed them until their  temperature has been brought up. 

Why can't I snuggle the cute baby?
This contributes to human imprinting or lack of fear of humans. Some animals can also suffer capture myopathy and will die as a result of immense stress from being handled. (This is also why it is important to stress the animal as little as possible during capture.)

How do I find a local rehabber?
Contact your county Game Warden or check the list here. Please note that ODWC only updates their listings about once a year and so some information may be outdated. 

Can I keep it?
It is ILLEGAL to possess any native wildlife in the state of Oklahoma without valid license and permits. Even a kind hearted person trying to help can do unintended harm as seized animals are usually euthanized. Keep the animals and yourself safe - turn all wildlife over a LICENSED rehabilitator. Do not be afraid to ask for proof of licensing! We work hard to raise these babies up so that they can return to the WILD where they were meant to be.