I LOVE to read and I believe that reading is extremely important, especially for our children. I homeschool my boys and am constantly adding new books to their collection, both for educational and entertainment purposes. Over time I realized that many of our favorites came from Usborne Publishing. I am proud to share these books with others! There is a wide assortment of books; many educational titles perfect for schooling, activity books, puzzles, story books, and even adult coloring books.

If you would like to view the selection simply click the button below to be taken to the online shop. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to discuss with you and provide recommendations, whether you just want to build a small home library or are looking for books to use in a homeschool setting. If you prefer not to shop online, you can contact me for a print catalog. 

I have had people ask about this, so I would like to note: 
Usborne is a secular company, but there are many educational titles than can be used at home without compromising Christian values.