Buttercup Acres Raven (90 EVEE @ 6yr 3mo)
DOB: 01/20/2012

Sire: Saada Quilted Tortuga (88 VEV)
Grand-sire: Saada Hellatious Bawky-Bird (89 EVV)
Grand-dam: Saada Royal Pandemonia (81 AVEV)


Dam: Buttercup Acres Karmals Godiva (83 +V++)
Grand-sire: Pruittville’s Logan Berry (91 EEE)
Grand-dam: SG Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal (92 EEEE)

Raven is a very special doe. I admired her in a friend's herd for several years and when she was offered to join our herd I jumped at the chance. She is just a gorgeous, large doe and I am thrilled to have her genetics in our herd. She is the herd queen but is not mean, her rule is fair but firm. She is quiet, well mannered, and very affectionate.